2 Stunning Paving Options For Your Courtyard Garden

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2 Stunning Paving Options For Your Courtyard Garden

29 August 2017
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If you've recently bought a home with a neglected courtyard garden, then you may be considering the options available to help you to make it a more pleasant and attractive space. While courtyard gardens don't have the same scope for potential as larger gardens, they still provide the opportunity to create an intimate, beautiful and charming outdoor area that is a joy to spend time in.

One important element of creating a courtyard garden is deciding what to use on the ground. Often, a lawn isn't a viable option for a small space which may not receive enough sunlight to sustain healthy grass. For this reason, many people chose to pave their courtyard garden. If you think that paving might be a great choice for your courtyard garden, here are two stunning paver varieties for you to consider.

1. Sandstone

Sandstone has been used for centuries in both house construction and landscape design. It's a beautiful natural stone variety that enhances any garden with its warm, soft tones and natural colour variations. Sandstone is excellent for paving small courtyard gardens because it will help to create a feeling of airiness and maximise the natural light that enters the space.

Sandstone is a very porous material and can be easily stained by water or drink spillages. It's best to have it sealed to create a more stain resistant surface. Opt for a clear, matte sealant to preserve the texture and soft grain that are two of the most appealing aspects of sandstone.

2. Travertine

Travertine is another beautiful natural stone that has become increasingly popular in modern home and garden design. It provides the timeless elegance of natural stone but is more durable and requires less maintenance than many other natural stone varieties. It is naturally less porous than sandstone but ideally, it should be sealed to maintain a stain and water resistant finish.

Travertine is naturally light in colour and makes an excellent addition to a small, shady courtyard. You can choose from several different shades including soft cream, dusty pink and pale blue. You can also opt for a smooth surface for a sleek and modern look or a tumbled finish for a more rustic look.

Whatever paving variety you choose, it's wise to use the services of a professional paving contractor. They will ensure that your courtyard area is prepared properly, that the pavers will drain correctly and that the paved surface is level and even.