Virile Vines: Tips To Ensure They Don't Damage Your Chain Link Fence

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Virile Vines: Tips To Ensure They Don't Damage Your Chain Link Fence

6 September 2017
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A chain link fence is a budget-friendly way to close in your back garden. It does not take a lot of building materials to put the fence in place, and that means quick installation. However, a chain link fence does not offer a lot of privacy. You can achieve this privacy, however, by growing vines along the base of the chain link fence. You need to make sure these vines don't damage the fence as they grow, so these are the points you need to know.

Reinforce the fence

Before you plant any vines along the base of the fence, you must make sure the fence can support the weight placed on it as the vines grow. The best way to reinforce the fence is to double up the number of support posts which are attached to the chain link. That means, reduce the space between each support post by half. The reduction in the amount of gap between each post reduces the amount of chain link between each post. The smaller gap between each post better supports the weight of a growing vine without sagging. You can purchase additional fence posts at a hardware store.

Choose vines wisely

It is necessary to research different types of vines before you plant them. For example, how far does the vine you like spread once planted? If the vine spreads 5 metres during growth, then you want to plant the vine a minimum of this distance apart. If you plant the vines closer together than this, then they grow on top of each other and create more weight against the fence than is necessary.

You also want a vine which is trainable to twine through the diamond holes of the chain link fence. A vine which can do this will create a privacy block, whereas a vine that only grows straight up leaves plenty of holes that can be looked through.

Finally, choose a vine which is an evergreen variety. An evergreen plant stays lush and green 365 days a year. You don't want a seasonal vine which drops its leaves during winter as this does not give you privacy for the full year, and privacy is the reason why you are planting it in the first place.

Before planting the vines, talk to a landscaper about your privacy cover plans. They can give further advice about making sure the fence remains stable and upright even when the vine reaches maturity.