Spray Grass and its Benefits for You

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Spray Grass and its Benefits for You

10 December 2018
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A lovely green lawn for one to relax and and enjoy the outdoors has become more of a necessity than a mere desire. Lives are so busy these days, with never ending to do lists and soaring stress and depression levels, that people often find it difficult to find time to get outdoors and rejuvenate. This is why more people need at least a small green space at home even to spend ten minutes of our day to relax the minds and help bring stress levels down. It has been proven that simply being surrounded by nature can significantly reduce stress levels. However when the lawn is dry and barren, it can become tedious to plant new grass/turf and wait for it to become lush and green. Well, you don't need to go through this tedious process any longer with the introduction of spray grass. 

What exactly is spray grass?

Spray grass is also known as hydro-seeding. This is the practice of hydraulically applying a mixture of seed, water, fertiliser and tracking dye on top of soil using a hose connected to a hydro seeder. A hydro seeder is basically a high-pressure pump that sprays this mixture evenly through a long hose. This practice is especially useful for covering large areas of soil in a small amount of time in comparison to direct-seeding methods. Moreover, this method is extremely useful for restoring difficult or dangerous-to-access areas to their former green glory. Custom seed blends can also be used to have minimal environmental impact. 

The best thing about spray grass is that it results in faster germination and also prevents soil erosion. The reason that germination happens faster is because the seeds are suspended in a nutrient-rich mixture, which triggers the initiation of germination and hence faster growth of grass. By the end of the germination cycle, you will have a beautiful green lawn in a short time span. 

In comparison to other seeding methods, hydro seeding offers yet another advantage: birds find it hard to find seeds as they are part of a liquid slurry. This means even more seeds for germination, and therefore a thicker lawn for you. You may be thinking that spray grass may be expensive; however, it's the opposite. Spray grass is not only effective, but also highly cost effective as it's faster and requires less effort. So if you are wondering which grass is best, then spray grass will not disappoint,