6 Benefits of Hydro Mulching on Your Landscape

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6 Benefits of Hydro Mulching on Your Landscape

9 July 2020
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Hydro mulching, also known as hydroseeding, is an efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to sod and hand seeding. It refers to the process of combining mulch, fertilizer, seed and soil with water mixed in a machine. The resultant slurry is applied to the ground to produce a quality lawn. 

This process is growing quickly in popularity and use. Here are a few reasons why you should select this process of landscaping. 

You'll Get a Thick Full Lawn

One common problem with planting grass through hand seeding is that the grass will grow in patches. This leaves your lawn with unattractive bald spots. Hydro mulching, however, will result in a thick full yard that has even growth. The grass will grow surrounded by interwoven fibres which create a perfect growing environment devoid of seams and bald spots. 

Fast-Growing Lawn

The amount of work involved in planting grass through laying sod or hand seeding will leave you anxious to see your lawn growing. However, this could take several weeks. Using hydro mulching will see faster germination of your lawn, and with time, it'll be a fully-grown lawn. 

You'll Get a Healthy Lawn

Deep roots are an important factor if you're hoping to get deep grass. The deeper the grass's root system is, the more likely it is to receive the nutrients and moisture it needs. Hand-seeded grass may take a very long time or even never develop a root system that's deep enough for them to benefit from moisture and nutrients located deep within the ground. 

However, hydro mulching results in green and healthy grass since the roots will reach further down.

Hydro Mulching Helps With Erosion Control

Many landowners have to deal with the problem of erosion, which can result in structural damage. Unfortunately, it is difficult to control the common causes of erosion like wind, rain or pests. However, hydraulic mulch seeding helps fight erosion since it holds in the moisture, which protects the soil from the destructive forces that lead to erosion. 

The slurry used in hydro mulching binds the mix to the soil's surface. 

Environmentally Friendly

Hydro mulching is safe for pets, children and even the environment. Traditional seeding may involve the use of chemicals that could prove dangerous to you, your family and your pet. They could also have a lasting effect on the environment. 


Hydro mulching is a much more cost-effective option than hand seeding. You will especially save on labour fees. 

Hydromulching will give you a healthier, more long-lasting and greener lawn than you would get by using hand seeding or sod. It gives you an even lawn and can even be applied on steep arras to ensure every open area of your property is covered.

Contact a hydromulch supplier near you to learn more.