Two Tips for Those Who Want to Do Some Festive Landscaping in Their Gardens This Christmas

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Two Tips for Those Who Want to Do Some Festive Landscaping in Their Gardens This Christmas

30 November 2020
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If you want to celebrate Christmas by doing some full-on festive landscaping, you might find these tips helpful.

Stock up on the right garden supplies

You may need to pay a visit to a garden centre and stock up on a few new garden supplies before beginning this festive landscaping work. For example, if you have several large shrubs and bushes in your garden, you might want to pick up both a large and a small pair of topiary shears. These will enable you to shape these shrubs and bushes into festive characters (like Santa Claus, a snowman, an elf, etc.) The large shears will make it easy for you to quickly create the basic shape of each character, whilst the smaller ones will allow you to add finer details to each shrub or bush. You can then use both of these shears to give these plants more neutral shapes when the festive season comes to an end.

Additionally, you might need to purchase a few unvarnished clay plant pots. You can add a few coats of festive-coloured paint to these, or, if you're feeling a bit more ambitious, you can paint actual Christmas scenes onto these pots. You can then simply paint over these in plain colours if you want to use them all year round or just put them into storage until next year. If you do this, make sure you use a paint that is not water-based as the paint will wash off if these plant pots are left out in your garden and it snows or rains.

Lastly, you should consider getting some festive plants that can be placed in the aforementioned clay pots. For example, if you live somewhere fairly warm, you should be able to put a few poinsettias into these pots and keep them outdoors throughout December without them dying. You could also pick up a couple of miniature fir trees that you can place in these pots. When decorated with tinsel and small fairy lights, these will add a touch of festive magic to your garden.

Set aside a few hours before Christmas day to spruce up your festive landscaping

If you use the above-mentioned supplies to turn your garden into a festive wonderland at the start of December and you plan to either have your Christmas dinner outdoors in the garden or enjoy some festive drinks in this area on Christmas day, then you should set aside a few hours before the 25th to spruce up any landscaping you have done earlier in the month. This might include trimming the shrubs and bushes that you've turned into Christmas characters, pruning the poinsettias and readjusting the positions of all of the festive potted plants.

The reason for this is as follows: if you do most of the landscaping work at the start of the month, your plants will grow over the subsequent weeks and your family's use of the garden may result in the potted plants getting moved around or knocked over. As such, to ensure that your garden doesn't look bedraggled by Christmas day, you must make time for a bit of top-up landscaping work towards the end of the month.

Visit a garden supplier to get the supplies you need to decorate your garden.