Looking For The Ideal Grass For Your Lawn? Reasons To Choose The Sapphire Buffalo Strain

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Looking For The Ideal Grass For Your Lawn? Reasons To Choose The Sapphire Buffalo Strain

17 October 2022
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Everyone wants their home to have the most beautiful and luscious lawn. However, this is challenging when you do not fully understand the basics of lawn installation and maintenance. An essential part of designing the ideal yard is choosing the best species for your neighbourhood. Choosing can sometimes be problematic because of the many types of grass on the market. The buffalo sapphire strain is bred in the country and has thin leaves and a high tolerance for shaded places. Its softness creates the ultimate luxurious feel to the feet, which is why it is popular. Here are some other reasons to choose this strain for your lawn. 

Excellent For Shaded Areas

If you have trees on your lawn, you should be concerned about the consequences of having shaded patches of land when planting the lawn. Many species cannot tolerate excessive shade because they retain water and start rotting. However, sapphire buffalo tuft can tolerate higher shade levels than many other types of grass. It maintains its quality and growth speed even in areas with no exposure to direct sunshine. 

Great For The Tough Climate

When choosing a lawn grass species, you should consider that the country experiences some extremely dry moths. During these months, the limit on municipal water supply usage might mean watering the lawn less often. Certain species cannot survive and thrive with little water. Sapphire buffalo is tolerant to drought and other adverse climatic conditions. You can stay long without watering the grass, and it will not dry up or die. The grass also tolerates the cold and dry winters and maintains its virility, growing back into its glorious state in the spring. 

Easy To Maintain And Hard Wearing

Everyone wants a lawn where the kids can play football without bruising the grass and ruining its beauty. The sapphire buffalo strain is tough and soft. It is easy on your feet, and you will not experience a prickly feeling when walking on it, even barefoot. It is also tough and does not fall apart or bruise because of foot traffic. The two qualities make it ideal for lawns in homes with children and pets. 

The grass has a deep green colour that gives your yard an elegant and luxuriant look and complements the décor. You should consult a professional landscaping company and find out whether they can install this strain on your lawn for the perfect look.