Hello, my name is Terry and this is my landscaping blog. Today I will be giving you, my dear readers, the best advice I can give when it comes to landscaping your gardens, your commercial property or anywhere else. I must point out here that I am not what you would call a professional landscaper. I am a self-taught man who has spent many years making mistakes in his own garden so that others may avoid them. I also often call up my brother-in-law who is a professional landscaper for further advice. I hope this blog is useful and maybe even entertaining.

A Guide to Cowra White Pebble Supply for Your Landscaping Needs

25 September 2023
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Are you planning to upgrade your home's garden or outdoor spaces but can't figure out what materials to use? Using pebbles is a great way to add depth and texture to your garden, especially the ones in neutral shades like Cowra White pebbles. Cowra White pebbles offer a clean and polished finish that will enhance your outdoor spaces and make them feel more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. This blog post explores Cowra White pebble supply benefits and offers insights on how to effectively utilize them for landscaping purposes. Read More …

Why a Buffalo Grass Installation Is an Ideal Choice for Your Lawn

25 May 2023
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There are many advantages to choosing a Buffalo lawn installation in comparison with other popular lawn grasses like Couch and  Kikuyu. This guide will explain the many benefits of choosing Buffalo grass for an Australian lawn. LOW MAINTENANCE Buffalo is well known for requiring little maintenance. For example: Less Watering: Because it grows slowly, it does not need frequent watering. This also means there is less mowing required when compared with other lawn grasses. Read More …

5 Reasons You Should Install Concrete Pool Pavers In Your Yard

7 March 2023
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Do you want to create a stunning outdoor oasis for your family that will last for years? Installing concrete pool pavers is the perfect way to give your backyard space an upgrade and add value to your home. This blog explores five reasons why you should consider installing concrete pool pavers in your yard. Durability Concrete pool pavers are incredibly durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for any climate. Read More …