Why a Buffalo Grass Installation Is an Ideal Choice for Your Lawn

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Why a Buffalo Grass Installation Is an Ideal Choice for Your Lawn

25 May 2023
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There are many advantages to choosing a Buffalo lawn installation in comparison with other popular lawn grasses like Couch and  Kikuyu. This guide will explain the many benefits of choosing Buffalo grass for an Australian lawn.


Buffalo is well known for requiring little maintenance. For example:

  • Less Watering: Because it grows slowly, it does not need frequent watering. This also means there is less mowing required when compared with other lawn grasses.

  • Less Fertilization: Buffalo's deep root structure allows it to absorb nutrients from the deep in the soil and will need less frequent fertilization.

  • Less Herbicides and Chemicals: It has a dense pattern of growth that aids in preventing weeds from developing and so there is less need for herbicide and chemical use.


As it grows exceptionally well in shaded areas, Buffalo is well-suited to gardens with structures like large trees and taller buildings that create shadows and block light. 

It keeps its colour and grows strongly in these low light situations compared with the other popular lawn grasses like Couch and Kikuyu.


Buffalo can adapt to drought conditions and survive for an extended time without water because its deep roots enable it to source water within the soil. 


Buffalo has a smooth surface texture that is comfortable to walk on. Additionally, it's a perfect option for families with children who want to play on the grass.

There are a number of different varieties of Buffalo grass available to further refine your options. You can select from five different varieties that offer special characteristics:

  • Sapphire - a premium Buffalo grass species renowned for its exquisite texture and vivid green hue. It is a well-liked option for high-traffic locations because it is resistant to wear and tear and drought.
  • Matilda - a minimal maintenance species of Buffalo grass that is highly resistant to wear and tear. Its tint is a medium green, and its texture is velvety.
  • Palmetto - a warm-season grass that is well-liked for its ability to withstand shade and resist pests. It is medium green in tone and has a delicate texture.
  • Shademaster-  as the name implies, this type is perfect for lawns that are in the shade. It is dark green in colour and has a medium texture.
  • Sir Walter - a well-very popular variety with a reputation for withstanding drought and requiring little upkeep. Its lush, dark green colouring and velvety texture are both appealing.

Ultimately, any variety of Buffalo grass is excellent for a low-maintenance, hardy and attractive lawn suited for the Australian climate. For more information about Buffalo grass installation, contact a local company.