Shade Sails Vs Shade Trees: Which One Gives Your Pool The Best Cover?

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Shade Sails Vs Shade Trees: Which One Gives Your Pool The Best Cover?

28 August 2017
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Your new swimming pool is now in place, and you are excited for the family to be able to swim whenever they want to this summer. However, if you have not organised any shade for your pool yet, your pool water is going to be hot and offer little relief during sweaty summer afternoons. Shade trees and shade sails are two popular options for cooling the pool when the midday sun strikes, but each has a list of pros and cons. You must consider these benefits and negatives before you embark on the installation of either one.

Yays and nays about shade trees

For anyone passionate about reducing their carbon footprint on the environment, shade trees are the ideal solution for pool coverage. Trees remove carbon dioxide in the air, which improves the air quality around you. Trees are a natural shade provider, so they fit in well in homes where a rustic, natural decor is a theme.

However, shade trees have two major negatives to them. Firstly, they need years to grow to a size where they will provide significant shade for your pool. Planting them now is the first step, but you won't get the shade you want for a few years. Secondly, trees have leaves and other debris that fall off into your pool. While trees are very natural, that nature is going to increase the amount of pool cleaning you need to do.

Yays and nays about shade sails

Shade sails, by comparison, are not a natural phenomenon, but you can make them look more natural by choosing nature hues for the support poles and shade cloth. Rather than having an unnaturally coloured shade sail in red, choose something closer to nature like beige or forest green. Shade sails are available in any combination of shapes and sizes you want. Installation is quick and easy. Once the concrete base has set around the support poles, the shade sails are attached and are ready to provide cover.

There are two negatives for shade sails that you need to consider. Firstly, shade sails need to be removed during high wind storms to prevent damage. When you consider how violent Queensland summer storms can be, you should only put up a shade sail if you purchase one with a quick, easy removal system. Secondly, shade sails need to be cleaned at least twice a year to get rid of bird excrement and mould. You don't need to clean trees!

For immediate coverage of your pool, a shade sail system is the better choice. Talk to your local dealer about which design type would suit your back garden best.