DIY Lawn Maintenance: Safety Tips to Observe When Using a Lawn Edger

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DIY Lawn Maintenance: Safety Tips to Observe When Using a Lawn Edger

11 September 2017
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Routine lawn edging makes your garden beds look smooth and well manicured. It also prevents grass or flower roots from invading the sidewalk or driveway and creating an eyesore in your outdoor space. Lawn edging is an easy DIY task that only requires you to hire or purchase a lawn edger. However, since this is a power machine, it is critical to observe some safety tips when operating it to prevent accidents and protect it from breaking down in the course of your project. Here are some of the top safety tips that you should adhere to when manicuring your lawn edges to give them a defined look.

Clear debris from the garden

It is essential to inspect the lawn and get rid of any debris that can hinder the project. Look out for small rocks, sticks and fallen tree branches, and even your kids' or pet's toys that may be left lying around. Remember that the lawn edger has a blade that rotates at high speed. If it comes into contact with stones or sticks, the blade will send the debris flying at high speed in any direction. The debris can hurt you or anyone else close by, smash windows, or even dent your vehicle's body. To avoid these accidents, always ensure that the area where you are working is free of debris.

Keep pets and kids away

If there are children or pets in the home, you know how excited they get about staying outdoors. In fact, they may want to play around you as you work on the lawn. However, when using a lawn edger, you need to keep the kids and pets away for their safety. It only takes one minute of looking away from the machine for your dog to come close to the equipment and get hurt by the blades. Also, any debris or grass flying around can hurt them or get lodged in the eye, and this may earn you a trip to the emergency room.

Don't turn away from a running machine

It is common to find someone turning their backs on a garden edger or walk in front of it to do something else like open a closed gate. This seemingly simple act can cause injury if you are not careful. Ideally, a lawn edger is designed rolls forward as you use it. If you leave it on, it can move forward and catch onto your clothing with the blade. Since it is still running, it can cause serious injury.  Never turn away or leave the machine running, but always switch it off even as you turn to open a gate or pick up a stray rock. Alternatively, you can turn it so that the blade is facing the opposite direction from you.