Crucial Care Tips for a Newly Laid Turf

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Crucial Care Tips for a Newly Laid Turf

20 September 2021
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Landscaping your front yard can transform your property and improve its value. Notably, grass turf is perhaps the most popular landscaping lawn cover because it is easy to install and maintain. If you have never used grass turf before, you need not worry because landscaping contractors can help you with the installation process. However, maintenance, particularly during the first few weeks, can be a nightmare for a newbie. This article highlights crucial care tips for a newly laid turf.

Delay Mowing the Grass -- The grass on a newly installed turf is level from end to end, making the landscape look tidy. However, you may soon start seeing the grass in some areas growing faster than in other spots. Therefore, you might be tempted to mow the newly installed turf, but it is the last thing you should do. The soil aeration of freshly laid turf is at its best during the first few weeks. Therefore, the weight of a lawnmower will cause soil compaction, disrupting proper air circulation in the soil. Moreover, you need to let the grass grow to a suitable height and allow the roots time to develop properly before thinking about mowing. Otherwise, a lawnmower will rip the grass and leave behind a horrific mess. Mowing earlier than is necessary also encourages weed growth, affecting the health of your turf.

Do Not Walk on the Grass -- Just because you have installed the toughest turf available does not mean that you should start walking on it immediately. However, most homeowners make this mistake and end up damaging their turf. Once a contractor has finished laying grass on your front lawn, you need to keep off it for a couple of weeks. Most importantly, it allows time for roots to anchor well in the soil. It might explain why contractors work their way backwards from the furthest point during the installation process since it minimises the chances of stepping on newly laid turf. Pets are not an exception when it comes to protecting a new grass turf.

Regular Watering -- Typically, grass turf is grown on special farms, and the roots are cut when it is time to harvest. It makes turf particularly thirsty once installed. The reason is that the shortened roots can only absorb so much water at a time; hence, keeping the turf wet is crucial for healthy growth. Even if it rains, you should still water a newly installed turf. Remember to water the edges of grass turf since they are the most forgotten sections during watering. Only stop regular watering once you are sure that the roots have adequately knitted into the soil.

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